3rd World Congress on Cancer Biology and Immunology

    Cancer Biology 2019 greetings you to attend the "3rd World Congress on Cancer Biology and Immunology" under the theme of "Don't count the days make the Days Count" during March 11-12, 2019 at Milan, Italy. Cancer Biology 2019 is the premier event that unites an interesting and International blend of specialists, analysts and leaders both from the academia world and industry over the globe to trade their insight, experience and research advancements to build Cancer Research researchers, industrialists and business visionaries meet.

    Cancer is caused when cells inside the body accumulate genetic changes and begin to develop in an uncontrolled way. Cancer biology is understanding how cancer creates and advances, including how gene mutations drive the development and spread of cancer cells, and how tumors communicate with their encompassing condition, is crucial for the discovery of new focused on malignancy treatment.Immunology is the study of the immune system and is an important branch of the restorative and organic sciences. The immune system protects us from disease through different lines of barrier. If the immune system isn't working as it should, it can bring about sickness, for example, autoimmunity, allergy and cancer.

    Importance and Scope of Cancer Biology and Immunology

    Cancer is the second driving reason for death around the world. It's urgent to recall that tumor isn't one disease – it's in excess of 250 malignancy infections included. All extraordinary, remarkable diseases, which require diverse methodologies for treatment. Medicines that work for a few growths don't work for others and here and there those medications just quit working. Just overall research will improve our comprehension of growth and help us find and grow better, more successful medicines. What's more, just a worldwide look for answers will enable us to get to grasps with this sickness. The meeting will give an extraordinary open door for the agents from Universities and Institutes to connect with the world class Scientists and Industry Professionals working in the field of cancer biology. The meeting will furnish with an uncommon open door for the delegates also from Universities and Institutes to collaborate with the world class Scientists and Industry Professionals working in the field of disease/oncology.

    Renowned Speakers @ Cancer Biology 2019

    Marilena Iorio
    IRCCS Istituto Nazionale dei Tumori Foundation, Italy

    Liqin Du
    Texas State University

    Kairbaan Hodivala-Dilke
    Queen Mary University of London
    United Kingdom

    Smita Kesavan Nair
    Duke University School of Medicine

    Perea Garcia Jose
    Hospital nuestra senora del rosario

    Hani Al-Afghani
    Security Forces Hospital
    Saudi Arabia

    Joanne Edwards
    University of Glasgow
    United Kingdom

    David Bates
    University of Nottingham
    United Kingdom

    Organizing Committee

    Cheng-Wen Wu Chair Professor

    National Chiao-Tung University



    Claudio Luchini Surgical Pathologist

    Verona University



    Roberto Menicagli Director

    Romabiomed Research Lab



    Wei Du Professor (Assistant)

    West Virginia University



    Liqin Du Professor (Assistant)

    Texas State University



    K P Mishra Vice Chancellor

    Nehru Gram Bharti University



    Hani Al-Afghani Clinical Laboratory Supervisor

    The Comprehensive Specialized Clinics for the Security Forces, Saudi Arabia



    Why to attend Cancer Biology 2019

    Cancer Biology 2019 is the premier event that unites a one of a kind and worldwide specialists, analysts, researchers and leaders both from the academic and industry over the world to trade their insight, skill and research advancements in the field of cancer treatment. This zenith unites the senior level specialists with an ideal mix for multidisciplinary coordinated effort between innovators, researchers, academicians from everywhere throughout the world working in the distinctive field of Cancer, Oncology Research , Immunology and Immuno-oncology .

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